Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Battle Against The Inevitable

Yesterday, I accomplished two things:

- Taking off my "workaholic" cap (Undertime on a Monday, 2-day vacation leave and an additional Sick Leave which is today)
- Updating my blog


- Trip to the Makati Medical Centre Emergency Room and coming home with a diagnosis of costrochondritis.
- 89 page views on my blogsite
- long overdue body rest

Costochondritis as the paper indicates (handed to my by the ER physician) is defined as chest wall pain. To satisfy my curiosity more, I had to do additional research.

Taken from Wikipedia - Costochondritis, is also known as chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome, or costosternal chondrodynia is a benign and often temporary (Thank GOD!) inflammation of the costal cartilage, which connects each rib to the sternum at the costosternal joint, and is a common cause of chest pain. Though often self-limited, it can be a recurring condition that can appear to have little or no signs of onset. Treatment options are quite limited and usually involve a combination of rest, analgesics, or anti-inflammatory medications; however, in cases of intractable discomfort, cortisone injections or surgery (hope not!) may be necessary. Typically, patients are instructed to refrain from physical activity to prevent onset of attack.

Due to a lot of activities happening in the office (which I consider to be my sanctuary of my sanity) from sportsfest committee, sports club head, managing a business unit for payments and being handed over 2 transitions, I knew I really had to take a rest. Yet, I couldn't because lots of things will be missed. Not to mention that there are things I am missing even when I am already in the office.

During a light moment with my boss on a coffee shop located at the ground floor of the building where my office is located, I joked "I would need to take a long break from all these things...." and my boss replied "Not at the moment until we get things sorted out". I was okay with it because I knew there were lots of things to be accomplished and I knew my body could still handle it. It was during these moments where my body was already summoning me to do one thing I always fail to do -- REST.

I can only blame myself for not respecting what my body demands. My love for my work, for my team and for the people I work with including the sport of volleyball and badminton are the things I would need to balance off at some point.

Speaking of sports, I'd like to segue for a bit and tackle some of the physical activity that have eventually caused me this condition: All photos are courtesy of Karl Michael Bugante (a colleague of mine who took some wonderful shots).

During a volleyball game, an attempt to block an opponent's attack courtesy  of Archie Rivas
Another block attempt captured. See those extremely flexed muscles to reach a certain height.

I guess what I am trying to say on this post is that our body can only handle enough. At some point, we have to pause and take a break. Otherwise, we will not be pleased with the consequence. As the saying goes "Anything taken more than what is enough can be dangerous". Let us learn to respect our body. Learn to take a break to ensure you will be able to enjoy of what life has to offer more for us. 

At some point, I feel guilty since there are people who count on me and leaving them behind because of inability to be responsible of your well-being will not benefit them at all.

I'd like to reiterate that I am not complaining. I could've been more responsible in heeding my body's call for a rest. 


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VOLLEYBALL SHOTSKarl Michael Bugante
If any of you who would be interested to get some of your photos for any occasion, contact him :-)

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