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Another Comeback and the Milestones To Date!

I had to really check the last post I had on this blog site before starting a new one. Voila! 22 FEB 2011 11:31 AM. Reviewing the last post brought back some not so good memories but I had to remind myself that since that last posts, a lot of things have changed. A lot of blessings have been bestowed at the same time still getting some setbacks along the way. Why don't I run down on those to ensure everyone is at least updated:

 22 February - 30 August 2011 This is probably the lowest point. "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"...I must say that this is true. Out with nothing. Abandoned by friends and only living with what I only had -- my drive to survive and not to depend on anyone. Let me just point out that throughout these rough period, you really have your family to count on and words cannot express how grateful I am for having them.

 31 August 2011

I got my big break with another bank and this time I felt this was the biggest break in my life in terms of career since the responsibility was empowering. I had the opportunity to work with 9 new officers who came from various industries. Let me point out that my last company was great. The only concern I had was the many limitations and I must say I was not happy with people tinkering on every move that I made. I felt I was a prisoner constantly handcuffed and on parole with limited things to do. This time, I had every decisions on me and the business depended on whether my decisions are responsible enough to carry out designated targets. I am happy.

March 2012

After months of hard work  I didn't notice that 6 months have gone past and I was just confirmed a regular employee. I was secured with the one thing I didn't have after a while. This was the pinnacle of all the difficult months that I had to go through. Definitely something I had to celebrate with all my officers.

May - June 2012

Got news from my Mom that both she and my Dad need to fly out here in Manila for a comprehensive medical exam. My dad is suspected to have cancer after having their executive annual physical exam. Lumps have been seen on his lungs at the same time in his pancreas and liver areas. The photo on your left was my last picture of my dad who was still healthy looking but was going through pain. All medical exams confirmed one thing that my dad was on the terminal stage of the same type of cancer that caused the death of Apple superstar, Steve Jobs. Doctors suggested chemotherapy but with my dad constantly losing weight and unable to eat well, we couldn't risk more. So we opted pain management and getting my dad back in shape and hopefully we could get him into chemo. Both my mom and dad had to go home with this heartbreaking news.

August 2012

Time flew so fast that it was time to celebrate another milestone of my working career with ANZ. I am forever grateful with the number of people who I work with and with them goes the success of the business, their success including mine. Talented people are to be kept while those who did not have a good grasp of the business they are in, have to go. Picture on the right are 5 of the most talented people who I worked with. The first year did not come in a silver platter. There were lots of challenges along the way but because we understood each other well, we brought the business to a resounding success.

September 2012

Goodbye to the most influential person in my life -- MY DAD. It was towards the end of my shift and I was at the last coaching session of the day when my mobile phone rang. It was my mom telling me that my dad has already passed away. I was dumbstruck. I didn't even know what I was supposed to do. Didn't know what to feel. I was shocked although it was expected considering  that I recently visited my dad and saw exactly what was inevitable -- DEATH. Was just still hoping he could've spent another new year but that was not the case anymore. 'Til this day, I miss him. My cooking would have not been as good as his if I didn't spend time watching him cook dimsum and his famous tocino and chorizo.

Life has it's own balance of good and bad. I had the best of both. In the process, it continues to move and shake me at the same time making me better. This will not be the end of the list as there are lots of things to come. 2013 looks to be a bright year ahead and I shall find time to ensure that the balance of good and bad continues.

I am glad to be writing again and hope I get to do this more often.

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