Saturday, 8 January 2011

JOBLESS: Pros and Cons (Part I)

Its been almost 4 months now since I left HSBC and I must admit that there are pros and cons of not having a job. Let me share them to you.

 Disclaimer: The following pros and cons are based on real life events so feel free to post your comments.

Let's start....


 It's a well-deserved VACATION after complaining about not having enough sleep and getting all types of stress. SLEEP, the most important part of a anyone's life is no longer a precious commodity since you have all the time to do it.

You develop the habit of watching TELENOVELAS during primetime since your past working life did not permit you to do so. I must admit, MARA CLARA and IMORTAL are the most awaited soap operas as of the moment.

Your life's 24-hour update is almost always up on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Your friends even start making you as their point of contact for meetings or rendezvous. Why? You're not busy!!!!

Aside from the various updates that goes round the clock, you also have the freedom to monitor Facebook Games and increase your level in a short span of time. Talk about CITYVILLE and BACKYARD MONSTERS. Got them into the 20++ level in just 1 week. Before it could mean more time.

These are some of the benefits when one becomes jobless. Well, Id like to know some of your thoughts on what benefits does one have when being time timeframes - mine's almost 4 months. Any stories will really open up a whole variety of conversation.

Just so this post becomes a little interesting, I reserved the CONS part on my PART II and trust me! the list is probably longer than the PROS. Well, that we have to find out. For the moment, check if the PROS I've listed is similar to yours.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Rickz!

I must agree with your list of PROS, and will also agree at the fact that there's a whole lot more CONS!!!

Wishing you the best always Rickz! Looking forward to part II.

Happy new year!

ArCeeTee said...

@Jacqueline ... Hahaha Part II will definitely generate some interesting feedback...thanks for dropping by....

Thirdy Lopez said...

CityVille Adik!!!

ArCeeTee said...

@THIRDY.LOPEZ - ganon talaga! jobless eh! vote mo na blog ko hehehehehe