Friday, 31 December 2010

Final Rendezvous 2010

Just got a buzz on my Facebook account that one of my former colleague from Malaysia is in town. Thought she was here for a business trip until I she told me she was just here for a vacation and it cost her 1000 RM....

Me and Shikin
Since I wasn't doing anything, we decided to catch up over a cup of coffee and there I was able to chat for at least two hours.....and got a souvenir....a picture of me and her LOL

FOOD! Yummy!
Prior to the planned catch up with Shikin, I was invited to a so-called ANTI-"PANIS" (read: spoiled food) post birthday dinner at my newest buddy I met in Twitter....who else.... Thirdy a.k.a thirdylopez03. so after approximately chatting and window shopping for 2 hours, I already got an SMS from Thirdy with the instruction to get to his place. I immediately made a follow-up SMS and call to Lester just to make sure he would catch up. As promised, there were indeed lots of food for us to spoil ourselves with.

L to R: Thirdy, Jessie, Me, Lester

Then, the usual talkative me, started talking to Jessie as I was informed that he was part of the famous UST Singers' victory last July 2010 in Wales where they were adjudged as CHOIR OF THE WORLD. To think I was an afficionado myself on choral music so we got him to do the talking next. Jessie showed us some videos coupled with first hand account of events that took place. Jessie reminded me of my former conductor, Prof. Frank Englis, who was just so passionate when discussing anything about music. Loved every moment of it and It surely was an honor to have him talk about that prestigious win. It is good to note that this is the 2nd time the group won this very prestigious choral event. Jessie plays the piano very well and when I say well, I mean great!

We had to cut the night short as Lester had to work at 1 AM. But before he could report to work, he had to bring me home as he had a ride I could hop in. I believe it would have been great if another recent twitter buddy came, Toni a.k.a ToniRapera. Guess her schedule didn't permit her to squeeze the post bday dinner "leftover party" in it. Final picture of the night was taken and off we go.

Twitter Buddies (L to R): Thirdylopez03, ArCeeTee and Ashamanlester
In a short span of time, I was able meet nice people and with that I officially close 2010 with a big smile. May the best of 2011 be with all of us.

For more about the UST Singers click ->> UST Singers


Thirdy Lopez said...


This link is the updated UST Singers Site

The other one is for the older batches...

ArCeeTee said...

@THIRDY.LOPEZ - Ill update accordingly....HAPPY NEW YEAR Thirdy!