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MADZ About Them - The Pilgrimage to CCP

I really couldn't wait 'til tomorrow to post another thing I did for my birthday - another treat courtesy of my housemates (Ken and Frankie) again with the initiative of Jay.....a pilgrimage to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo for the concert of the Philippine Madrigal Singers entitled, GAUDIUM, The Joy of Giving

Why I call this a pilgrimage? Because I would never allow a year to pass without a visit to the CCP just to watch this group.. Well not that I could attend all of it due to work schedules and budget but I SHOULDN'T miss them in a year.

My housemates decided to come up with Php 500.00 as a gift for my birthday because they knew how much I wanted to watch this concert and I've been very vocal about it. The amount was already enough to get my to the BALCONY II section (A).

I have fear of heights so the seat was not too comfortable to start with but I couldn't complain. I had dizzy spells all of a sudden and the view was just a little too far. Then we got an instruction that we shall be transferred to the orchestra (B) which costs Php 1,700.00. Just to give you a picture of the change. It was already enough to make my pilgrimage a happy one...big smiles all over my place and thank God I didnt have to put up with the dizzy spells.

The group opened the show (PART I) with O Magnum Mysterium by Javier Busto (which, I am currently listening and is my all time favorite from their album ACCLAMATION I have on my rack). After three madrigals/negro spirituals, Ma. Cristina Viguilla-Navarro (a former member), was called to join for Payapang Daigdig and what a voice. She then followed it up with a solo, O luce quest' anima -- I can say, Mariah, you got your competition in her (whistling part)..Too bad, I couldn't get a picture of her anywhere.

Anyway, John Lesaca did his usual violin stuff which almost got spoiled after some minor technical issues. Yet, I commend him for his with and humor by salvaging some dead airs. He was damn good. One takeaway was "You guys are here because you appreciate real music!" He also sang IMAGINE by John Lenon before doing the violin part. AWESOME! The first part ended with a great tenor, Sal Malaki (another former Member), who was just as good as the coloratura soprano (Miss Alfaro). I don't even have to wait for the day when I'd get the chance to watch Pavarotti (he's dead) or Carreras (sorry not sure of the spelling). Hearing and Watching Sal sing was already enough....He also did the whistle for L'Important C'est La Rose and damn if whistles could make me fall in love, I am already in love......He sang Agnus Dei, Nessum Dorma and a duet with Ms. Navarro in O Holy Night during the 2nd part.

We had to take a 15-minute break so I grab a smoke outside and had to buy water and cake (oh! shame on that Php 60.00 cake which was dry and hard). Part II started with A Christmas song by Mel Torme and Robert Welles following by the songs listed below in order:

God Rest Ye Merry Gents - arr. Saunder Choi
Pasko Na Naman - Felipe De Leon/Levi Celerio/arr. Ily Matthew Maniano
Sleigh Ride - Arr. Ily Matthew Maniano
L'Important C'est La Rose - Gilbert Becaud/arr. Magdangal De Leon
O Holy Night - Adolphe Adam (This is where Sal and Cristina did a duet, another amazing feat)

Guess it was time for the Madz to close the show so they sang:

Christmas in our Hearts - Jose Mari Chan/arr. Arnel De Pano
Twelve Days of Christmas - arr. Arnel De Pano (Totally hilarious)
     - Let me point out (with no utter disrespect) that the ballet that was performed by two sopranos were the highlight of that performance.
Auld Lang Syne - arr. Saunder Choi
     - (Heard this arrangement on a film or a tv series...I any of the madz could read this, please let help me remember)
Isang Taong Lumipas - Ryan Cayabyab,Jose Javier Reyes/arr. Ily Matthew Maniano
     - This was another emotional song as it reminds me to be grateful of the year that passed despite all the hardships. I am a testament to those hardships as I lost my job and been badly broke since then. Lost a lot but still manage to keep my head up and smile.....

We had to end of course!
Who would have thought that the concert lasted for 3 hours. No one would have probably noticed it because the concert was a SUCCESS. Then the crowd gave a standing ovation (they deserved it obviously) for a job well done. Of course, we wouldn't let them leave without any chants of "MORE,MORE,MORE". The group obliged and with that the concert came to an official end for the first of 2 nights.

Another concert will be held tomorrow. I'm tempted to watch it again because they might pull another surprise but I doubt it. I hope not....

Again, this would have not been possible without my housemate' kind hearts: Kenneth Mark LaoFrankie Cacliong and Jay Navarra. I'd like to also thank Thirdy Lopez, my online twitter buddy who answered my stupid questions on how to get to CCP without taking the cab. Like what I said, that will (probably?) be the last stupid question you'll ever get from me LOL.

I'd like to end this post by posting a picture I took of these three beggars outside the CCP Theatre who asked me to take their pictures. For some reason, I can't help but admire the glee on their faces when they saw their picture on my cam. This picture depicts that there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Even poor people (beggars, to be specific!) can still be happy.

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Thirdy Lopez said...

Nag-sosolo sa CCP...


Glad my instructions helped...
Biased ako siyempre (insert love icon here) pero you should watch the other group I told you about...

ArCeeTee said...

@THIRDY.LOPEZ - i suggest you make the icon more visible like this ♥ hehehehe i bet you know how to do it...if not, let me know...

ArCeeTee said...

@THIRDY.LOPEZ - I think they will be performing at Eastwood, Libis today....I have tons of laundry to finish so won't go.....ill wait for the telecast instead....

PhilChoirs said...

Wow! That was a very comprehensive article Ricky.

Thank you for helping promote Philippine choral music in your blog. Merry Christmas!

ArCeeTee said...

@PhilChoirs...appreciate the was one of the best bday gift I received...

Thirdy Lopez said...

We just saw Sal Malaki this weekend! Naisip ko lang as I re-read your blog

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good! Im sure you loved it...alam ko hihirit ka na naman....mas mabuting si ♥ ang kumanta....